Buy Light,
Give light

One set of candles gives One family
IN need access to solar light

Palette shares light and positivity with families who do not have access to electricity. 

We do this by funding organizations that install solar-powered lights in the homes of underprivileged families in India, Cambodia & Kenya. Solar lights enable parents to work after dark, businesses to remain open, children to do homework, and families to cook & be safe at night while using a clean and sustainable energy source. 

Every sold candle set funds a family’s access to solar light for a day. Buy Light, Give Light.

why light matters

Many families living in tribal communities, rural mountains, or remote forest areas do not have the option to get an electricity connection or have the monetary resources for it. Solar lamps are the best alternatives for these families. Installing a solar light gives a family access to a clean and sustainable light source while protecting their health and safety.

The installation of renewable solar lights helps rural livelihood by making more of their daily tasks possible. It helps people to extend their workday into the evening hours and allows small businesses to operate during the evening. It enables families to prepare and eat their meals in the evening and enjoy other family activities. It supports children to read after dark, do their homework, and therefore improve literacy rates. And, as the lamps are safe to use, it also improves air quality and reduces incident rates.

By allowing people to flourish, we are helping them to support their local communities and become self-sufficient.


To ensure we help the people who need it most we are proud to partner with the B1G1 organization. B1G1 helps us to find high-impact charitable organizations around the world with solar light projects for underprivileged families and communities. Together we are able to ensure that our collected funding reaches these local, audited organizations so they can create more impact. For every sold set of candles, we donate the costs of a day of solar light access for an entire family to these organizations.

BUY1GIVE1 is a social enterprise and a B Corp, and B
1G1 Giving Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Read more here.